noun \ˌma-kə-ˈrün\

: a cookie made of egg, sugar, and almonds or coconut (x)



Not to be confused with Macaroons, these delicate little bundles of deliciousness are a much bigger task to tackle than macaroons.


My name’s Jenna and I’ve been cooking ever since my mother would allow me to! Starting with making eggs and boiling foods to now cooking just about anything that I can think of, whether it’s recipes I find online or something that I came up with in my head, which most of my cooking consists of. On this blog I will be blogging about some of my cooking experiences based off of the 2009 movie Julie & Julia. 3 months, 7 documented recipes.  Totally do-able.



The idea to make these and the technique to make them came from Rachel Whitehurst (video recipe, a little vulgar) but the actual recipe came from Butter Baking (Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons). I’ve always wanted to try to make these because they are absolutely adorable and everyone raved about how hard it is to get the little “feet” perfect, so I decided to take on the challange myself. (Feet?? Anatomy of a Macaron here). I wanted a really decadent filling, and when I looked into my cupboard I knew that I could not pass up a nutella-based filling in between these little cloud cookies. Chocolate seemed like a obvious choice to go with the filling, so I googled a chocolate and nutella macaron recipe.


To get started, I gathered my ingredients, most of the measurements according to the video but the flavouring according to the website for the cookie. I preheated my oven to 300° and I grounded up 1 cup of almonds (No way I was going to buy a bag of almond flour for $10 at the grocery store-but now I think it would be worth it to splurge)


My food processor would not get the almonds even close enough to a flour. (Ps- pour some icing sugar over the almonds before you grind them up to avoid getting almond paste). Unless you have a high-tech food processor or something similar, opt for the store-bought flour if possible. After I sifted what I had and got as much almond as I could out of it, I added the almond “flour” to 2 cups of icing sugar and 5 grams of cocoa.


Stir all that together and it’s ready to be set aside while you work on your eggs.

First, you need 3 eggs sitting at room temperature, separated. You only need the egg whites for this recipe.

Beat the egg whites along with 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar until they have stiff peaks.


While still beating, but after the stiff peaks have formed, gently add 1/4 cup of regular white granulated sugar.


Beat until you have nice, glossy peaks.


Check out that shine. so glosssssssy.

For this next part, I suggest watching several videos until you really understand just how to master this technique. Very very gently, fold the almond flour mixture into the beaten eggs. Only fold until all combined, and do not over mix or else all your previous effort has gone to waste. After mixing together, scoop it all into a piping bag (or a big ziploc bag with the top cut off) and pipe into toonie sized cookies on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. _DSC0231

You can even go bigger than toonie sized, I made mine way too small. They don’t really raise up at all in the oven, so whatever size you make them is pretty much the size that they are going to be. Next, take the pan and bang it down against the table two or three times to get all of the air bubbles out of the cookies and leave them to sit on the counter for about 20 minutes until they get nice and tacky.


Bake them for about 20 minutes.

While those are baking, I started on the filling. I took 200 g of heavy cream and heated it over the stove until it boiled. Once it was heated, I removed it from the stove and transferred it into a cooking bowl where I added 400 g of chocolate chips to melt into it. _DSC0243

I added 100 g of nutella and 50 g of butter to that and stirred it all up until it turned into a good consistency for the filling. I filled a piping bag with a large star tip with the ganache and set it aside while I waited for the cookies to bake and cool. (Don’t all the filling until the cookies are cooled unless you want a melty-chocolatey mess)


Once they are done and cooled, match them up according to size (since they are a sandwich cookie) and start filling them up!


Hopefully yours comes out with little perfect feet like mine did! ♡

Decorate them up and you’re all set! Maybe make some whip cream with the extra heavy cream and drizzle some of the extra ganache over top of them to add a little something more (like they need to be more sweet…)



If I were to make these again, there are definitely things I would do differently. I would go for it and buy actually almond flour so I wouldn’t have to go through the struggle of trying to blend up the almonds myself, and I would make the cookies each bigger. I might even try different flavours! Searching pinterest yield many, many different possibilities that you could try with these. Having never made these before, I thought they went over very well and were great to make. A definite 10/10.

Happy baking! ♡


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